Cabinet Shop


At Express Kitchens you can get the lowest factory-direct pricing on high-quality, all-wood cabinets because we’re not just a store, we’re the factory!

The Express Kitchen Cabinet Shop manufactures its own brand of American-made Star Cabinets. Expert woodworking skills and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our experienced Connecticut craftsmen. With the help of state-of-the art CNC computer-aided lasers, our cabinet makers can cut with precision and accuracy that virtually eliminates mistakes and ensures a great fit with every installation.


Look to the Express Kitchen Cabinet Shop to deliver on high-quality, all-wood cabinets at the very best factory-direct prices. Contact us today to get started!

Our cabinet shop uses the highest quality hardwoods Star Cabinets and our designers have created a line with styles that range from simple to elegant and contemporary to classic. Oue talented artisans then apply a variety of colors, stains and finishes to complement every tyle of home and kitchen decor.


Manufacturing our own cabinets right in Connecticut allows us to offer excellent turnaround times and potentially lower shipping costs. 

G R A N I T E   S H O P



Seldom do the terms highest quality and lowest prices go together in the same sentence, but at Express Kitchens they do. We offer the finest granite countertops at low prices you can’t find anywhere else.


Granite slab’s quality is rated by thickness, color, patterns, veining, country of origin, and the mix of material in the granite. We secure exotic, high-quality stone from countries around globe including India, Italy and Brazil. Our top-rated stone has endless colors and patterns sure to please every taste and style.

Granite Shop


To Find out more about our Granite Shop and getting the stone counter that’s perfect for your home, contact us today!


We also specialize in Silestone® Quartz countertops. Express Kitchens has partnered with this top-notch American supplier to bring you a unique quartz surface that is non-porous, super easy to clean and offers bacteriostatic protection.


To fabricate the countertop you’ve always wanted, the highly-skilled team of local craftsmen at our Granite Shop use the latest CNC laser cutting technology to work with both granite and Silestone quartz. Their accuracy and cutting experience ensure you get the most out of each slab with the least amount of seams.


L A M I N A T E  S H O P


Laminate countertops are known for easy care, an amazing array of terrific looks and budget-friendly affordability. And nothing could be more affordable than buying from Express Kitchens, your source for the absolute lowest prices on laminate countertops.


We can offer such low pricing because we fabricate the countertops ourselves, cutting out any middle-man mark up. We buy direct and use only the highest-quality laminate from Wilsonart® and Formica®, America’s premier manufacturers.


Contact us today to find out more about our Laminate Shop and how we can produce the countertop to fit your décor, personality and budget!



At our Laminate Shop, local Connecticut craftsmen use state-of-the-art technology to fashion the laminate into a countertop that matches your exact specifications. Our CNC (computer numeric controlled) equipment uses a computer to guide lasers that cut with incredible precision. This leads to faster turnaround times by virtually eliminating errors, makes cutting custom shapes easier and improves the quality of the countertop fit into your kitchen.





Now that you’ve found the cabinets you love and have the design for your new kitchen in-hand, it’s time for installation. If you have concerns about installing the cabinets yourself, relax and leave the job to us!


Our installers can remove your old kitchen and properly prepare the space for the new installation. They’ll alleviate worries of dealing with plumbing and electrical issues, making sure your new kitchen is up to date and meets all regulations.


You can have confidence that job will get done right with Express Kitchens’ professional installers. Licensed and insured, our crews are experts in the installation of fine cabinetry.



Our crews are up to date on industry standards and the latest techniques to ensure you get a kitchen that looks and functions the way it’s supposed to. You can rely on our crew to be punctual, courteous, trustworthy, and respectful of your home and its contents.


While there are exceptions, crews usually install replacement kitchens in a day, so there is no drawn out mess or inconvenience in your home. Upon completion, our installers will thoroughly clean up and take you on a final walk- through to ensure the job is installed to your satisfaction.

So relax and get the job done right! Call us today for scheduling or more information.