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Prefabricated countertops from Express Kitchens are available in a wide range of high-quality materials, including marble and Venetian marble, travertine, granite, quartzite, and Q Premium Natural Quartz. The prefab counters come in three standard sizes and two thicknesses along with a matching backsplash. From blacks, whites, golds, and grays, choose from a selection of sophisticated neutrals perfect for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel. Plus, you get the same premium surface but in a quicker turnaround than ordering custom, and the precut slabs will help save you time and money when it comes to installing your new countertop. 

Easy and affordable with our Prefab Kitchen Countertops

Explore Express Kitchens’ collection of prefabricated kitchen countertops to discover how they can significantly transform your kitchen.

Our countertops offer convenience and affordability without compromising style and space. Prefabricated countertops are ideally suited for homeowners looking for compact and clean kitchen solutions.

Prefabricated Countertops: Find ways to fit your schedule and budget

At Express Kitchens, we offer a range of prefab kitchen countertops designed to fit your design possibilities and budget. Our prefabricated countertops are made from sophisticated and high-quality processed material, making them durable and suitable for every type of kitchen need. With an overwhelming number of colors, patterns and finishes, you can find the perfect prefabricated countertop to complement your interior.

In addition to prefabricated kitchen countertops, Express Kitchens offers prefab cabinetry to complete your kitchen remodeling project. Our prefabricated cabinets and countertops are designed to function flawlessly, giving your kitchen an elegant look and reliable performance.

Update your kitchen with Express Kitchens prefab cabinets and countertops, and enjoy a beautiful and practical space that you can love for years to come. Visit us today to discover our selection and start planning your kitchen transformation!