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From functionality and material to style and installation, our kitchen faucets offer an incredible range of design options. Express Kitchens is focused on introducing kitchen faucets that boast thoughtful design, meaningful innovation, and exceptional reliability.

Our expert designers choose a selection of kitchen faucet and sink pairings that offer a variety of style, function, installation, and material options. So, whether you’re simply replacing your sink and kitchen faucet or building a new kitchen, you should find a combination that’s right for you and your space, in a style and material you love.

The backbone of every kitchen, our kitchen faucets are designed for beauty and manufactured for life. You can count on them to be leak-free and reliably on task – rinsing, washing, filling – year after year. As tough as they are beautiful, our kitchen faucets stand up twice as well as the industry standard. The graceful lines of our kitchen faucets, coupled with timeless innovations, strike a delicate balance between functionality and art – making life simpler through design. Several of our kitchen faucets are available in multiple sizes or as part of a kitchen faucet family to accommodate a variety of applications.


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